Sunday, April 13, 2008

I like the fear....

So just a quick post, I'm going to to get back to the Laker's/Spur's game. But I happened to see this ad for the 2008 playoffs. Is this a clever ad? Or just plain scary? I mean I love the fact that KB24 and Big Cactus are in a commercial together, but they are speaking at the same time and sound like a other-wordly alien that is sending a ultimatum to the people of earth. Anyhow, check it out for yourself. [Add-On by Kay: As of April 16th, there are three other ads in this series also. One of them features Lebron James and Kevin Garnett, another features Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, and the last one features Steve Nash and Jason Kidd. I've included links to the videos below]

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