Monday, April 14, 2008

Darius Miles End

So I just read on RotoWorld that Darius Miles's career is over. Miles was "recently examined by an independent medical examiner jointly appointed by the NBA and the NBA Players Association and the damage to his right knee was deemed serious enough to be career ending". That's crushing news for all Darius Miles fans out there that were holding their breath and anxiously awaiting his return. The league will no longer be graced by any of Darius Miles' inspirational "antennas up" poses. Today is a sad day for the NBA. Miles is only 26 years old. He was one of those kids that jumped straight from High School into the NBA.

Darius Miles hadn't picked up a basketball in over 2 years, so it's not surprising to hear that the injury is career-ending. The last game he played in was April 15, 2006. He had micro-fracture surgery on his right knee back in the offseason of 2006 and was never able to recover. There were multiple comeback attempts, but they never came to fruition. On the bright side, Portland will get over 18 million dollars of cap relief. So if they spend their money wisely, they could make some noise in the upcoming years. In his honor, I tried to find a picture of him doing the "antennas up" pose that made him and Q-Rich famous. Below are the results I found in Google while searching for this:

The first picture of Darius Miles that comes up.

Darius Miles doesn't need "Pimp My Ride".

Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson preparing to embrace.

I thought this was a gag poster initially, but it's actually a documentary film. I like the tagline.

No joke. This is one of the first images that comes up when you search for Darius Miles; him being arrested.

We're getting close. But this is Q-Rich, not Darius Miles.

A promotional shot of the movie, "The Perfect Score". Darius stars as the token African American in the film.

The dynamic duo that wasn't meant to be. Let's hope Greg Oden doesn't follow in Darius' footsteps.

A picture of Darius as a young teen.

A rare action shot of Darius Miles dunking.

Finally, a picture of Darius doing the "antennas up" pose. What's up with the lightning in the background?

A bonus picture of Darius Miles in bobble head form. I had almost forgotten that Miles and Lebron played together.

I think this image montage sums up Darius Miles' career nicely. What do you think? The only thing that it's missing is a picture of Miles walking around on crutches. Jokes aside, Darius was putting up some solid numbers before he got hurt. It's a shame that injuries had to derail his promising career.

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Brandon Tha Bauce said...

It is indeed a sad day.

RIP D-Wobbly

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