Monday, June 15, 2009

Milking The Cash Cow

Wow. Nike is really going overboard with these Nike Muppet ads. Below are 3 more spots to add their collection.

There's not much more to say besides that. The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2008-2009 NBA Champions beating the Orlando Magic in 5 games. I'm pretty sure that no one is surprised by the outcome of the NBA Finals, as they were the favorites coming into this season. Kobe finally got that monkey off of his back. And the Lakers will be perennial contenders for the next several years. This franchise will face some difficult questions during the offseason, however. Will they be able to resign both Odom and Ariza (Odom has already said that he's willing to take a paycut to sign back with the team) and will Phil Jackson retire? It'll be interesting to see whether a different coach is able to guide this team to a championship. Of note excluding Fisher and Bryant, this is a young team that will continue to improve and get better. The question now is how many titles can these Lakers win?

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