Monday, April 13, 2009

Where Nut Shots & Blown Calls Happen

"It was a dirty play. He threw me to the ground. He wrapped my arm and threw me to the ground, and I wasn’t going to do whatever he wanted. I'm not going to lie - I'll always stand up for myself and anyone on this team. It’s in my nature. They’re not going to just walk all over us. I had to make a stand. It was embarrassing for us to get beat this way - playing on national TV." - Ray Allen

"It looked like the ball was still in his hands. I didn’t study it, but I looked real quickly, and it looked like it was still in his hands." - Greg Popovich.

Ahh Kay, your precious Spurs resort to winning the only way they know bending the rules again. - Zee!!

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Kay said...

Haha. I agree that it was a bad call. But, it is what it is. Some times things go your way, other times they don't. The refs don't always get the calls right. And the Spurs have been on the receiving end of many botched calls. On a side note, it adds to the drama of the final day of the regular season as there are 3 teams currently tied for third place in the Western Conference, including the Spurs.

According to league rules, the refs are not allowed to use instant replay to judge shot-clock violations. They can only use instant replay to judge shots made with no time left on the game clock, at the end of quarters or overtime periods; to judge whether a shot is a 2-point or 3-point attempt; and to determine the severity of a flagrant foul.