Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wade Does It Again

Check out the below video to see Wade come up with the clutch steal and buzzer-beating 3-pointer in double OT to beat the Bulls. That was just cold. He's making a strong case for runner-up in the MVP race. Hah! I especially like how Brad Miller mouths some profanity at the 0:15 mark in the video clip. While Wade doesn't have the supporting cast that either Lebron or Kobe has, he is just as dangerous. Miami will be a tough out in the first round of the playoffs this postseason.

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Zee said...

Funny thing is, he missed some key free throws in the 4th quarter that would've voided all these heroics. But he still balled his butt off, and they deserved the win, Salmons obviously doesn't know how to dribble, and Wade took advantage.

Wouldn't that be something if Wade got a finals ring AND a MVP before LeBron?