Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fantasy Draft 2008

Wow, so we concluded out fantasy draft today, and I did it again. You ever get a prime drafting spot (the first or last pick) and you don't make the right pick? Yeah I did that, had the #12 pick and to start things off, I picked up Deron Williams. Not bad, but then with Steve Nash and lord knows who else staring me in the face, what do I do? I pick Chris Bosh...ugh. 

Now I'm not hating on Chris, but I realized at that moment a Mr Dwight Howard was on the board and I foolishly neglected to pick him up. As expected, the person with the #11 draft slot (my co-worker Nate) immediately picked up Dwight Howard. This sucks. I'm sure Nate will remind me of my folly when I see him Monday at work. I realized I missed out on a potential landslide in the AST and STL category by not picking up Nash and Williams, and I had the luck of nabbing Andrew Bynum, Lamarcus Aldridge and Chris Bosh at the C spot to give me REB, PTS and BLK but I'll probably have to do some wheeling and dealing to get my team where I need it to be by the beginning of the season. Word to the wise, make sure you fully examine the draft board before you make that double pick!!!!!!

P.S. Also, thanks a lot Kay, for managing to take every single remaining quality player 2 picks before me!!!!!

Chris you had better not let me down.......

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